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    2. Turning In Homework
  2. Poppers
    1. Popper Format
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  4. Grades Posted Online
  5. Petitioning Popper and Free Response Test Grade
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Homework Format

Q. Which form I need to submit homework for my class?
A. Since Spring 2011, all homework for undergraduate Math classes (13xx, 14xx and others) has been changed to EMCF – Electronic Multiple Choice Form. Log into your courseware account at CASA website and access the answer sheet by clicking on the EMCF tab.

Turning In Homework

Q. May I turn in my homework early/late?
A. Homework due date is written on the syllabus. It is students’ responsibility to enter their answers electronically by the deadline. Late work or early work will not be accepted.

Q. When I submit my homework, I receive this message "Your questions are not available". What should I do?
A. This means you have submitted your homework either early or the time to submit your homework has expired. If you think there is an error, contact your instructor.



Popper Format

Q. Where can I purchase the popper forms?
A. Students can purchase popper form packets for their enrolled class in the University Copy Center in the Welcome Center (currently available for Math and Chemistry classes only).

Q. Which popper form should I buy?
A. Each course is designed with different color popper form, make sure you choose the correct section printed on the middle top of the form. Read the syllabus or contact your instructor.

Q. Do I have to fill out the top portion of the popper form?
A. Yes. Please fill out everything in the top portion of the popper form, your student/peoplesoft ID and popper number. If this information is missing or incorrect, your popper may not get graded. Remember to use a #2 pencil, and bubble as dark and carefully as you can.

Turning In Popper

Q. May I turn in my popper at CASA?
A. No. Your popper must be turned in with your class. Popper not turned in with your class is considered late and will not be graded. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Q. May I turn in my popper to a different class than that I am registered for?
A. No. Even if your instructor has another section in the same course, you must turn in your popper to the section in which you are officially enrolled. If CASA receives a popper that is not in the correct section, it will not be graded.

Q. Is it true that some popper grades are dropped?
A. Although this is an unofficial policy, in the past a handful of the lowest popper scores have been dropped at the end of the semester. This practice is designed to address popper missed due to personal emergencies. Check with your instructor to determine the number dropped.


Weekly Online Quizzes

Q. Why do I have to take Course Policy Quiz? Can I skip this quiz?
A. This first quiz is designed for all Math 13xx classes, you must make a 100 on this quiz to be allowed to use CourseWare for your online assignments, including other quizzes, practice exams, and any online tests.

Q. I didn’t do well in my first attempt. May I redo my quiz?
A. You will have up to 20 attempts on each quiz. The highest grade will be used for your score.


Grades Posted Online

Q. When will my popper scores be available on line?
A. Poppers turned in will be graded and posted within three working days. However, due to large work load during testing periods, it may take up to a week to post the grade.

Q. Where can I view my graded popper/test?
A. CASA will scan your popper and upload it to your Courseware account. View your grade and popper form image in the Courseware gradebook.

Q. I’m sure I submitted my popper with the class, but my grade is not posted while my classmates’ are. Who should I talk to?
A. It is possible that your popper could not be scanned. CASA returns all popper forms that are problematic to the appropriate instructor. Please see your instructor regarding to your missing grades.

Q. When will my test scores be available on line?
A. Scores will be posted in the grade book on Courseware approximately one week after the testing period closes.


Petitioning Popper & Free Response Test Grade

Q. Can I submit a petition regarding popper/test grades?
A.Yes. If you suspect that there was a grading error on one of your poppers or tests, you should contact your instructor.

Q. I'm sure that my popper/test grade was better than the grade posted. Who should I talk to?
A. First ask a CASA tutor to explain the problem to you. If the tutor finds that the problem was done correctly, or if you suspect that too many points were taken off, contact your instructor.

Q. Can I talk to a grader about my score?
A. No. If you think that your work was graded incorrectly, contact your instructor.

Q. Do I need to file a test petition?
A. No. Contact your instructor directly about any problem you have with your Free Response Test grade as soon as your test is available for viewing.


Test Grades Supplement

Q. Do I need to show my work on the free response portion of my test?
A. Yes. If you do not show your work, you will likely receive a zero for that part of the test. Show all your steps in a clear, logical manner.

Q. May I show my work on my scratch paper?
A. No. The scratch paper will be thrown away after your test and will not be considered. Show all necessary work on the free response sheet.

Q. How can I find out how I did on my test?
A. You must login to your courseware account to retrieve your score. If there was no free response portion to your test, then the courseware score will be your total score. However, if your test had a free response portion, then the courseware score will only represent the points for your multiple choice portion, not the total. To calculate the total score, you must add the free response portion to your multiple choice portion to arrive at your total.

Q. Where can I pick up the free response portion of my test?
A. The free response portion of your test will not be returned to the student. However, the free response portion of your test images will be available to view in your Courseware gradebook.

Q. When will my free response portion be graded?
A. Although it is unlikely to give an exact time, we are usually able to grade and return the exams between 2 to 5 business days after the end of the testing period. We will contact your instructor when they are ready, and you can view it in your gradebook periodically.