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Transition From Research to Application

Final Project Reports:

Addressing Cross Border E-Commerce Challenges with Emerging Technologies

EDGE: The "Eye in the Woods" Image-based Human Detection and Recognition System

Validating Deterrence Models for Scanning Technologies

Exploring Homeland Security Applications for Unmanned Autonomous Systems at Maritime Ports

Transforming Trade and Ensuring Global Supply Chain Security with Blockchain

Venezuela and Nicaragua: A Regional Migration Crisis in the Making

Central America's Immigrant and Refugee Crisis: Limiting Unauthorized Migration through the Alliance for Prosperity and Reintegration Efforts

Impact of Central American Child and Family Migration on U.S. Communities

Uncovering Human Smuggling Patterns from Guatemala to the U.S. 


Annual Reports:

BTI Programmatic Report

BTI Year 6 Report

BTI Year 5 Report

BTI Year 4 Report

BTI Year 3 Report

BTI Years 1 and 2 Report


News and Media: