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Uncovering Human Smuggling Patterns from Guatemala to the U.S. Gary Hale, Voir Dire International LLC


This project addresses the gap of knowledge (“the unknowns”) in specific human smuggling routes, patterns, and the numbers of human migrants moving north from Central America through Mexico. Project Findings (number of migrants in the flow, or “unknowns”) are compared with DHS detention data (the number of arrests of “the knowns”) to assess the number of successful entrants (“The Successful”) into the U.S. This knowledge will provide DHS a better ability to manage resources at the U.S. southern border. The project utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to plot, map and analyze critical nodes in the transportation or human smuggling “supply chain” and to develop estimated numbers of migrants in the stream. The GIS database establishes a framework that allows for visualization of the data and more efficient decision making.

Presentations and Publications

Presentation | 2017 PI Meeting

Poster | 2017 BTI Institute Showcase

Presentation | 2018 Final to DHS

Report | Final


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