UIT Charters Campus Safety Upgrades and Initiatives

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Since 2020, University Information Technology (UIT) has chartered 36 large-scale projects that aim to improve campus safety and security. 

The projects include implementing security cameras and additional code blue phones across all parking lots, garages, and buildings, upgrading security cameras, upgrading the video management system, and implementing an emergency call button on the UH Go app, to name a few. 

“It’s a huge project portfolio, 36 projects are a large portfolio. And it’s spread out over a large number of teams. We take the world in little bites at this point, but there’s a lot going on to make these projects happen. And all of it will result in a better system,” said David Johnson, Assistant Vice President for Technology Services and Support with UIT. 

Johnson said the upgrades from analog to digital are needed because they allow all the security systems to connect. UH recently updated 3,000 cameras to provide for this connectivity. 

“These things have to be smart, and they have to be able to communicate and work on the same fundamental technology,” said Johnson. “So, the initiatives we’ve been doing have been to get all the technology up to a fundamental level where they’re capable of communicating together.” 

UIT works hand in hand with UHPD and Facilities/Construction Management to implement these campus safety upgrades and initiatives. 

One of those initiatives was adding an emergency call button to the UH Go app. If a user presses this button in the UH Go app, their location will be sent to UHPD. A second press of the button connects the user with UHPD dispatch.  

See what zones the cameras are being installed by looking at the UH map.