UH Has Chosen DocuSign as Our Digital Signature Software

Carahsoft Technology Corporation (DocuSign) has been selected as the digital signature software solution services approved by the Texas Division of Information, for all UH campuses. 

It facilitates the electronic sending and signing of documents while providing insight throughout the entire signing ceremony; processing and securing the data and information, applying rules such as reminders/expiration, data validation, and other business requirements; providing administration tools and reports that help users understand usage and manage the platform; and in meeting US and global security standards. Digital Signature Solution will help students, faculty and staff connect and automate how we prepare, sign, act-on, and manage our day-to-day documents and agreements.  

The success of the project implementation calls for commitment, cooperation and collaboration from all stakeholders.  

As a part of this project, virtual trainings will be held in the month of February/March 2022. For additional information contact Usha Mathew.