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UH Dining promotes McDonald’s healthy menu items

By Kimberly Cooper

University of Houston Dining Services delivers McDonald’s healthy menu items and nutritional information to the UH community.

McDonald’s offers a variety of healthy menu items for customers to select that feature fewer calories, carbohydrates and fat. Customers can choose from a selection of healthy menu items like a Southwest Salad with low-fat Italian dressing, an artisan grilled chicken sandwich or a grilled ranch snack wrap.

“Our goal is to help customers make a healthy decision like pairing a McDonald’s artisan chicken sandwich with a side salad or fresh apple slices instead of french fries,” said Travis Ramirez, UH Dining dietitian. “We want our customers to feel that they can make a healthy choice in our dining halls and at the retail locations.”

Customers are invited to follow the UH Dining Instagram account to view healthy dining hall and retail menu items that are offered around the campus.