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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Address Mail to UH?
Read the instructions and follow the examples on the address formatting page.

How Do You Change the Address of a College or Department?
Click on department change of address form and fill out the form. It will then be forwarded to UH Postal Services for processing.

Can My Room Number be Anything I Want?
No. Your room number must be the mailing number assigned to that College/Department. Not the location, or office number, of a particular person. Delivery Services wants to ensure proper distribution of campus mail.

Can I just use my building name during an emergency when I call for help?

The consolidated functions of many different first responders into one dispatching location will tremendously complicate using a building name to identify your location. Many dispatchers will not have first-hand knowledge of our previous addressing system; requiring the caller to identify their location by the locatable street address and specific room within that facility. If you fail to do this, it may significantly delay emergency response time. 

What is LACS?
LACS stands for Locatable Address Change Service. This is a service provided by the U.S. Postal Service for instances where a person remains at the same location but their address changes. Typically, this has been used when rural-style addresses are converted to street-style addresses, but more recently it has been used to accommodate the need to change addresses to provide 9-1-1 emergency services more accurately and locatable addresses. It also includes a system to redirect mail to a new address. This means that any mail using the old address will be automatically processed by the USPS for delivery to the new address. It does not, however, provide any notification to the sender, so UH departments will be expected to make an effort to notify their constituents (i.e. vendors, clients, patients, donors etc) of their new address.

Should I use ZIP +4 codes?
Yes. ZIP +4 has been assigned to all colleges, divisions and departments on campus. The +4 is recorded in the national Zip Code Database and helps the USPS process mail faster and more efficiently. Your ZIP +4 is also your internal mail code. The +4 assists UH Postal Services in the sortation of your incoming mail.