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Compact With Texans

The University of Houston, located in the nation's fourth largest city, is a public, urban institution of higher education chartered by the State of Texas. As a major comprehensive university, UH is committed to four shared values - excellence, integrity, innovation, and responsiveness - in accomplishing the traditional triad of teaching, research and service. Customer satisfaction is inherent in these values, and UH will work to ensure that our students and other constituencies are served effectively, efficiently, and with respect.

Solving Problems

Solving problems at the University of Houston occurs through both informal and formal channels. Because of our overarching commitment to high quality service, it is expected that the vast majority of problems will be resolved swiftly by the UH faculty and staff members directly involved. However, in those circumstances where immediate resolution is not possible, UH has instituted a formal complaint process whereby problems will be resolved within 10 working days. If resolution is not possible within that time period, the University will provide a written response to the complainant indicating when the problem will be resolved.

Formal Complaint Process

Interface with University of Houston customers occurs in three primary areas: Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Administration & Finance. Hence, customer service representatives have been assigned to address complaints in each of these areas. Complainants are invited to submit their complaints in writing, in person, via e-mail, or by telephone as indicated below.