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Cougar Peer Educators

Certified Peer Educator (CPE) Training is an effective strategy for building a well-educated and sustainable peer education group.

  • Increase leadership abilities
  • Understand the basics of prevention
  • Conduct educational programs and events
  • Provide awareness on health and safety risks
Jonathon KumarJonathon Kumar
Angelie RossAngelie Ross
Abraham VicunaAbraham Vicuna
Amanda AcostaAmanda Acosta

We believe in CPE! It is important to know that although professionals and other faculty or staff can provide students with a wealth of knowledge and ideas around living healthy, it is the PEER, who can really have an impact.

  • Who is CPE? – Cougar Peers Educators are learning more every semester about health and wellness issues, and how to educate UH students about how to make healthier choices and safer environments.
  • How is CPE trained? – Students who are chosen each April will be enrolled in training program called the Certified Peer Educator Student Leadership Empowerment Training. Students will increase their leadership abilities, understand the basics of prevention, conduct educational programs and provide awareness on health and safety risks.
  • Why is CPE important? – It is not just a group of students teaching their peers but a group of students getting know who they are. Practicing what they are teaching to others. It gives them knowledge, it empowers, and perhaps even motivates them to make positive changes in their own life, and in the community they live in and go to school in. Cougar peer educators training compliments their college education, and provide many transferable skills which will help them in their future career.

If you would like members of CPE come present to you about health and wellness, please complete the request at the following link: Request a Presentation