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Actively engaging in those lifestyle choices.
Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Recent News

  • Houston Boots Smoking

    We’re fighting for a healthier tomorrow. Over 20 million people have died of smoking since the first Surgeon General’s warning report on smoking in 1964. And, an incredible 2.5 million people out of that 20 million did not even smoke, but were exposed to secondhand smoke. Let’s kick it to the curb Houston! #HoustonBootsSmoking

  • UH Tobacco-Free Policy

    On June 1, 2013, the University of Houston was designated as a tobacco-free campus. Initial implementation included the establishment of designated tobacco-use locations on the UH main campus and at the Energy Research Park.

    Helpful resources:

    UH Health Center
    UH Wellness
    Texas Quitline at 1-877-YES-QUIT
    American Lung Association Quitter’s Circle

  • Accepting Applications

    UH Wellness is now accepting applications for the following position:

    Spring 2016 Intern: As an intern you will participate in a unique internship program which is designed to provide valuable exposure and experience in your chosen field, while educating you on the professionalism of being a Health Educator and program planning.

    Please complete the application and return with your resume to 4500 University Dr. CRWC Suite 1038

UH Wellness provides the following services:

  • Outreach programs on a variety of topics related to personal and community health to include issues of self-esteem, sexual decision making and safer choices, alcohol and other drugs, stress management, communication skills, emotional well-being, and values clarification.
  • Campus wide programming is provided, often in conjunction with other university departments. Programming such as Alcohol Awareness Week, World AIDS Day, and other health related, national and local campaigns are promoted by the center.
  • Peer Education is provided for outreach programming. Peer educators are trained through a social health class (see homepage for more information).
  • Consultation and information is provided by trained professional staff and volunteers, on a variety of health related topics.
  • Referrals are offered to those who seek counseling or health care services, or who are in search of appropriate venues for health related issues not provided in the center.
  • Wellness clearinghouse is a way of helping students find information and resources on a variety of topics. We provide some current articles on health topics, information as to internet information resources on the topics, and assistance in identifying resources on the topics.
  • Special programming such as Alcohol 101 is provided by the center. See homepage for internet access to this program.
  • Special programs such as IMAGE, Alcohol 101, Nutrition Counseling, Stress Management Strategies, are provided by the center.