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IRB Regulatory Changes

As you are likely aware, new human subjects regulations go into place for all new protocols submitted on or after Saturday, January 19, 2019.

Study on Deadline Stress of Academic Faculty – Call for Participation

The Computational Physiology Laboratory (CPL) at the University of Houston is conducting a study using NSF funding about deadline stress in academic environments. For this study, CPL looks to recruit volunteer participants among the faculty of the University of Houston – Main Campus.

The Current Impact of the Government Shutdown on UH

The impact of the government shutdown has been minimal on UH research. As the shutdown continues, there will be some impact to the grant submission and award process, which may delay funding.

U.S. Government Shutdown

Despite the U.S. government partial shutdown, university research and administration will continue as usual.

Call for Submission: Concept Papers

A call for submissions is now open for concept papers to identify and execute strategic projects aligned with UH's Research Thrusts. The deadline for papers is Friday, December 7.

McAllister and Quinn Opportunities

As part of UH's 50-in-5 initiative, the DOR has engaged with McAllister and Quinn, a DC-based firm specialized in large grants consulting, to identify funding opportunities, assist with major proposal development, and provide tailored training in complex proposal preparation over the next two years.

DARPA's "AI NEXT" Campaign

At DARPA’s D60 Symposium, a multi-year investment of more than $2 billion was announced to support new and existing programs through the "AI Next" campaign. DARPA sees this next generation of AI as a third wave of technological advance; one of contextual adaptation.

Call for Papers: Army Research Institute

A call for white papers is now open from the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, the Army’s lead agency for the conduct of research, development, and analyses for the improvement of Army readiness and performance.

NIH Foreign Influence Letter to Grantees

The NIH letter to Grantees regarding foreign entities influence on NIH researchers contains steps to mitigate breaches of trust and confidentiality, as well as a reminder to applicants and awardees about disclosures.

UH Libraries: Resources for Researchers

The UH Libraries has expertise available to assist researchers with data management at almost all stages of a research project.

USDA Records Disposal Freeze

The USDA has issued a records disposal freeze, meaning you must retain all paper and/or electronic records associated with your agreements awarded through USDA Agencies. All records generated from and/or pertaining to agency agreements MUST be retained until you are notified that the freeze has been lifted.

NSF Changes: Revised Proposal & Award Policies and Procedures

NSF will implement changes in FastLane and to support policy updates in the Revised Proposal & Award Policies and Procedures Guide (NSF 18-1) and to run updated Budget Justification page limit automated compliance checks in FastLane.

Changes to the National Defense Authorization Act

Changes will affect future funding priorities for the Department of Defense and may affect upcoming grant announcements and existing research partnerships with DOD entities.

IDC Policy Memo

The University of Houston's indirect {F&A) cost rate is negotiated with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and reflects the cost of real, auditable expenses incurred in the conduct of research.