For Faculty

Instructional Continuity Checklist For Faculty

The following checklist addresses instructional continuity in the event of a major service disrupting event.

Email Samples

The emails available here are an attempt to expedite the communication to your students. Simply fill in your course name, alter to suit your needs, and cut and paste into an email to your students.

Sample Emails for faculty to send to students about course continuity

To send an email to all of your students you can use either your People Soft email option or the Class Listserv which is updated continually to capture all students enrolled in your course. Simply send out an email from your UH email address to
(Course-ID)-(section number)
For example: .

You can go to the following URL for more information: .  
If you have any questions, please email .

Please remind students in your email to contact for technical questions regarding instructional continuity.