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The University of Houston Facilities Services has embraced sustainability and drastically altered its direction. Facilities Services is working diligently to develop a safe, efficient, effective waste and recycling collection system. Protecting the natural environment and contributing to the success of the University's commitment to sustainability. 

Facilities Services Recycling and Solid Waste

The Facilities Services’  Recycling and Solid Waste Division collects, transports, and disposes of solid waste from the University of Houston by the most effective and efficient method. The Recycling and Solid Waste Division is responsible for processing tons of trash and recycled goods generated by the central campus.

Items accepted for recycling include:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Batteries
  • Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Milk cartons
  • Paper (newspaper, copy paper, shredded paper, magazines, telephone books, envelopes)
  • Plastic (water bottles)

Big Belly

The BigBelly units are solar powered recycling and trash units which are located all throughout the campus.  The BigBelly unit provides dual functionality collection, half of the unit holds regular trash the other holds recycling. The unit’s side panels and front hopper cover are made from 100% post-consumer recycled car bumpers. BigBellys have wireless technology that reports their status and inform Facilities Services’s Recycling and Solid Waste division when they are full and ready to be emptied.  

If you have questions please send an email to  with the subject line Sustainability.