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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take the GRE?

YES! The GRE is a required exam for the EdD. You will find that most competitive doctoral programs require this exam of applicants.

May I apply even if I have not taken the GRE and take it later?

You may apply if you have not taken the GRE, but ALL ADMISSIONS MATERIALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE DEADLINE. If your scores are not reported by the admissions deadline, you run the risk of being denied admission.

When is the application deadline?

Please consult our website for the most up-to-date information concerning admissions deadlines.

Do you offer scholarships?

Please see the College of Education website for more information concerning scholarships.

What is the tuition and fees?

For a general estimate of tuition and fees, you may use the university’s tuition calculator. However, please note that IN ADDITION to the tuition/fees indicated on the tuition calculator, students in the K-12 programs are also assessed VST (voluntary student tuition). The VST fees are $150/credit for doctoral students. These fees are used to provide a variety of experiences to students to enhance the executive nature of the degree.

When and where are the cohorts offered?

Doctoral cohorts are admitted each fall and each spring (there is no doctoral admissions cycle in summer). Cohorts are offered on Main Campus, in Cy-Fair and on the Sugar Land campus. Please note that cohort locations will vary depending on current partnership agreements. Please contact the Program Director to confirm the location of classes prior to the start of each admissions cycle.

When are classes scheduled?

Classes are held once per week from 5:30 – 8:30. There is some deviation from this during the summer—classes may meet several times per week in summer sessions.

Do I have to take classes over the summer?

YES!! The doctorate is an 8 consecutive semester degree. You will be required to take courses over the summer. Please be sure to adjust vacation plans accordingly.

May I still apply even if I am NOT interested in seeking superintendent certification?

Yes, you may still apply even if you are not seeking superintendent certification. If this is your situation, your degree plan will be different from most other people in your cohort.

May I apply if I do not have a master’s degree? Is there an option to earn a Master’s/EdD?

No. You must have a master’s degree in order to apply and be admitted to the doctoral program.

What are the requirements for graduation?

Please check our website for more information. But briefly, successful students must:

  • Complete all coursework successfully
  • Complete the internship hours (for those seeking certification)
  • Complete comprehensive exams
  • Complete and defend the proposal and the final dissertation

How many credits are required for the EdD?

The EdD is a 51 credit, 8 semester degree.

What is an acceptable writing sample to submit for admission?

We would prefer an academic writing sample (such as a paper you completed in your master’s degree program). Please contact the program director for more information about acceptable writing samples if you do NOT have a sample of academic writing.

What information should be included in my Personal Statement/Statement of Interest?

Your Statement of Interest should:

  • Provide some information about you (briefly)
  • Discuss why you want to pursue the EdD
  • Indicate why you are interested in the EdD program in K-12 Leadership at the University of Houston
  • Provide information about the faculty with whom you are interested in working

Who can/should write my letters of reference?

You must have three letters of recommendation. Your letters should come from anyone (not related to you) who can speak substantively about you as a professional and/or your potential to successfully complete doctoral level work. A person who has earned a doctorate and knows you well would be uniquely qualified to provide a recommendation. In addition, you should consider soliciting letters from:

  • A supervisor
  • A veteran co-worker
  • A former professor

Is this degree offered online?

No. While all of our courses are offered in a hybrid manner to some extent, we do not offer our EdD as an online program.

Do the classes always meet face to face, or are there some online courses?

Many of our courses are offered in a hybrid fashion. But none of our courses are exclusively online.

How many people are admitted to each cohort?

The maximum number of students admitted in any doctoral cohort is 20.

Who can I contact for additional information about courses, program benchmarks, and career opportunities with this degree?

Please send an email request to Dr. Bradley Carpenter at to make an appointment with a faculty member.