Francesca D'Alessandro Behr

Dr. Behr

Ph.D., Classic Studies, SUNY Buffalo, NY (1500). Associate Professor of Classics and Italian Studies. Interests: Language, literature and culture. Women in the Antiquity and the Renaissance, Epic.

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Alessandro Carrera

Dr. Carrera

“Dottore in Filosofia,” Università degli Studi, Milan, Italy (1980). Full Professor, Director of Italian Studies. Interests: Italian Language, Literature and Culture. Philosophy and Literature. Music and Literature. Music and Philosophy. Creative Writing.

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Monica Ercolani

Monica Ercolani

Instructional Assistant Professor

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Maria Cristina Giliberti

Maria Giliberti

Dottorato di Ricerca in Italian Studies, Universita’ degli studi di Bari - Italy. Lecturer of Italian Language and Literature. Specialty “Didattica delle lingue moderne”.

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Maria Mocci

No picture available

Visiting Professor and Lecturer of Italian Language and Literature

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