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Sports and Fitness Administration Faculty

Michael Cottingham, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Promotional strategies in sport, consumer behavior, and disability sport

Dong Hun Lee, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Fan/consumer behavior, measurement, and branding

Demetrius W. Pearson, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Social & Cultural Aspects of Physical Activity
Professional Preparation & Administrative Principles

David Walsh, Ph.D
Clinical Assistant Professor & Internship Coordinator

Adjunct Faculty

Eric Bentley, J.D.
General Counsel, University of Houston
Legal Issues & Risk Management

Marilyn Graham, M.B.A., M.S.
Fiscal Management & Fitness

James J. Zhang, P.E.D.
Professor (Adjunct)
Sport Marketing Research
University of Georgia

Eddie T. C. Lam, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (Adjunct)
Measurement & Evaluation
Cleveland State University

Tim Webb, J.D.
Private Practice
Sport & Contract Law