Research Subjects and Volunteers

This page features the requirements for research subjects/volunteers needed from time to time in HHP labs and research institutes. 

Seeking diabetic and non-diabetic study participants for a project on cognitive-motor function and diabetes

HHP Faculty, Dr. Stacey Gorniak is seeking adults between the ages of 30 and 90 to participate in a study on the effects of diabetes on cognitive and motor functions. She is looking for participants that either have (1) a current diagnosis of Type II Diabetes or (2) no health history of diabetes or related complications. Both groups (diabetic and non-diabetic) are needed to complete the study. Participants will receive a $60 gift card to Walmart for completing the study. For more information, please contact Dr. Gorniak ( via email or by phone at 713-743-4802.

Nutrition and Exercise Countermeasures Study

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If you are an HHP researcher and need your subject requirement featured on this page please send us an email with all relevant details.