Center for Public History

Since 1984, the Center for Public History (CPH) at the University of Houston has been a leader in the field of public history in the city, the state of Texas, and the United States. The program is home to some 20 graduate students, as majors or minors, annually. To date, grants, contracts, and internships under the auspices of CPH and its faculty have exceeded $3,500,000.

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What is public history?

Simply put, it is the use of historical skills and methods outside of academic walls. Public historians are trained to meet the needs of the community - the public - whether that community is defined as a city, a neighborhood, a business, a historical society, or a museum audience. Public history is history intended for the public benefit.

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Did you know that the Center for Public History keeps an online bibliography of books and articles about anything Houston? Our staffers have accumulated over 600 references about our great city. Jump in and see what you don't know!

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