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Gulf Coast Food Project

Gulf Coast Food Project

The Gulf Coast Food Project Wins a $100,000 NEH Grant

Drs. Todd Romero and Monica Perales were awarded a $100,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for their work on the Gulf Coast Food Project, an initiative incubated by the Center for Public History.  Titled “The History of Food Production and Consumption in the U.S. Gulf Coast,” the grant will support a six semester program designed to enhance teaching, scholarship, and community engagement on the region’s food history. One important goal of the grant is to develop new Food Studies courses with the aim of establishing an undergraduate minor and graduate certificate in the interdisciplinary field.

Gulf Coast Food ProjectFounded within the Center for Public History (CPH) in 2008, the Gulf Coast Food Project (GCFP) brings food studies research and creative endeavors into the classroom and community.


Gulf Coast Food Project Events

The Gulf Coast Food Project hosts Psyche Williams-Forson, author of “‘In Her Mouth Was an Olive Leaf Pluckt Off’: Food, Race and Gender in Times of Displacement and Dislocation.” The talk was a part of a year long expolration of African and African American Foodways.

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