Anthopology Faculty

  • Kenneth L. Brown (Ph.D. Pennsylvania S 1975; Prof) Archeology, cultural ecology, historical archeology;
    Mesoamerica, African Diaspora (klbrown@uh.edu)
  • Andrew J Gordon (Ph.D. Wisconsin 1975, MPH Harvard 1981) Assoc. Prof, Medical and Applied Anthropology, Urban Environments, International Development, Alcohol and Drug Studies; Latin America, West Africa, U.S. Cities(andrew.gordon@central.uh.edu)
  • Janis F. Hutchinson (Ph.D. U Kansas 1984; Prof) Physical and medical anthropology, human variation, race, racism and health, Urban US (jhutchinson@uh.edu)
  • Keith McNeal (Ph.D. Emory University 2004, Ass't Professor) Cultural anthropology, comparative religions, gender studies, globalization, ritual and performance, African and Hindu traditions in the Americas, Caribbean studies (kemcneal@uh.edu)
  • Susan J. Rasmussen (Ph.D. Indiana 1986; Professor) Religion, cultural theory, symbolism and the arts, gender, life course and aging; Africa (srasmussen@uh.edu)
  • Rebecca Storey (Ph.D. Pennsylvania S 1983; Assoc Prof) Physical and medical anthropology, human osteology and  demography; Mesoamerica (rstorey@uh.edu)
  • Randolph J. Widmer (Ph.D. Pennsylvania S 1983; Assoc Prof) Archaeology, human ecology; North American Mesoamerica (rwidmer@uh.edu)

Office Coordinator Deidre Tubbs

Academic Advisor Landis Odoms

Dept of Comparative Cultural Studies 
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