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Campus Safety

The University of Houston is an open campus filled with people who care about each other. Because of its open accessibility, all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to exercise a sense of personal responsibility for their own safety and well-being, and the safety and well-being of others. While crime can happen anywhere, when we act as a community that knows and cares about the safety of others, ourselves and our property, we lessen the likelihood of being victimized, and we showcase our Cougar Pride. 

Throughout the year, we'll highlight safety and prevention tips related to an array of campus issues. This month, we want to share with you information on contacts for help. For other safety and crime prevention information, see additonal tips.

Staying Safe Near Light Rail

Whether you are riding METRORail, or just walking or driving near the trains and tracks, it is important to stay alert and follow the safety rules of METRORail. Here are some safety tips from the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County.


  • Do not walk in front of, between or behind the trains.
  • Trains can start quickly regardless of traffic flow.
  • Do not drive, stop or park your vehicle on the tracks. It’s dangerous and against the law.


  • Always cross the tracks at designated pedestrian crossings, and only when it is safe to do so.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the tracks. Trains travel in both directions.
  • Always look for and obey all warning devices: flashing lights, signals and crossing gates. Police will ticket violators.


  • Always stay alert. METRORail is quieter than a bus. You may not hear it coming.
  • Always listen for train horns, whistles and signal bells.
  • Always follow instructions from workers and police officers.

And Never…

  • Never race a train or run in front of a train.
  • Never try to beat the train to a crossing. Even with a tie you lose.
  • Never drive around crossing gate arms.
  • Never stand on or near the tracks.
  • Never put anything on or near the tracks.