If you need a loan to cover your textbook expenses, consider applying for a textbook loan.

Loan amount that can be requested is $400 textbook loan in the Fall/Spring terms and a $200 loan in the summer term.

Loan can only be used for textbooks at the UH Bookstore located at the University Center.

You can request a textbook loan via myUH (PeopleSoft).

Follow these easy steps.
1) Log into myUH (PeopleSoft)
2) Select "Student Financials"
3) Select "Optional Fees"
4) Select the term for the loan
5) Select the magnified glass found on the book loan row
6) Select hour glass and choose BKLOAN under “Valid Value”
7) Click Save.

Once requested online funds will be available at the UH Bookstore within a couple of hours.

Using Your Loan
1. Visit the UH Bookstore at the University Center.
2. Gather necessary textbooks and go to the checkout counter.
3. At the register, mention to the cashier that you have a book loan.
4. The cashier will scan your books and ask for your myUH (PeopleSoft) number and their Cougar Card ID.
5. You will sign a receipt slip just like a credit card purchase and receive a purchase receipt.

Loans must be used by- 15th class day during Summer semesters.
                                  - 20th class day during Fall and Spring semesters.

Visit the online academic calendar for exact dates.




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