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Students Q&A

What is ShastaBUCKS?
ShastaBUCKS is a University of Houston debit account. This account functions just like a traditional debit card but currently can only be used at on-campus locations. This account is placed on all Cougar Cards and only becomes active when money is deposited.

How do I add money to my ShastaBUCKS account?
You can deposit money by using your credit card online at AccessUH. Instructions can be found on the Cougar Card website. Select Adding Cash to your ShastaBUCKS Account under the Know Your Card menu. Funds can also be added in person at the Cougar Card Office.

Where can I use myShastaBUCKS?
ShastaBUCKS can be used at all residential and retail food locations, UH Barnes & Noble Bookstore, printing labs, and beverage & snack vending machines.

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Is there an expiration date on ShastaBUCKS accounts?
Yes, ShastaBUCKS accounts expire after one year of no activity.

Parents Q&A

How do I add money to my student’s account?
At this time, parents will need to visit the Cougar Card Office to make deposits in person.

Will my student’s debit account balance and transaction history be available online?
Yes, transaction history up to 60 days prior will be available.

Will I be able to setup autopay to credit my student’s account from my personal bank account?
At this time only manual deposits can be made online (by students) and in the Cougar Card Office.