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For as long as you are a University of Houston student, your Cougar Card will be the single most important card for campus access you possess. The Cougar Card is a multi-purpose card that integrates a number of functions for daily usage around our campus.

You can print documents; buy snack food at campus convenience stores; buy your meals at campus eating establishments; gain access to academic or administrative buildings and rooms, athletic events, special events, the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center and both on and off campus residential housing each with a simple swipe of your Cougar Card.

Mission Statement

The Cougar Card Program is committed to providing an innovative and inclusive card-based solution system to the University of Houston’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors. The Cougar Card is intended to fit into the existing infrastructure, complement current campus technologies with maximum efficiency and reliability. The Cougar Card Program is also committed to providing outstanding customer service by acknowledging, appreciating, affirming and assuring our customers that we will continue to strive to provide the best service possible.