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Visiting Scholars

The Asian American Studies Center sponsors distinguished scholars from local, national and international communities and academic institutions. These scholars teach, conduct research, offer lectures on topics in their area of expertise and collaborate with members of the community in service activities, to enhance the achievement of our goals. The Center has hosted 72 visiting scholars from seven Asian countries in the past 17 years.

Dr. Xiaoxue Ma Dr. Xiaoxue Ma (Professor from Dalian Maritime University)
Dr. Zhuo Feng Dr. Zhuo Feng (Professor from Shenyang Normal University)
Ms. Lina Lu Ms. Lina Lu (Researcher from Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China)
Ms. Tian Tian Ms. Tian Tian (Beijing Greatwall Enterprise Strategy Research Institute in China)
Dr. Yan Zhan Dr. Yan Zhan (Professor from Jiangxi Agricultural University)
Mr. Pinghui Zhu Mr. Pinghui Zhu (Professor from Beijing, POL Research Institute)
Mr. Mu Zhai Mr. Mu Zhai (Professor at Jilin University in China)
zhuqingping Dr. Wu Qian (Professor from Renmin University in China)
Professor Jinming Xing Dr. Jinming Xing (Professor from Northeast Normal University and FIBA International Referee)
Professor Juanhua Zhai Ms. Juanhua Zhai (Human Resource Administrator from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information)
Professor Liu Jing Dr. Liu Jing (Professor from Tianjin University in China)
Professor Li Zhenyu Dr. Li Zhenyu (Professor from Tianjin University in China)
Professor Zhu Binbin Dr. Zhu Binbin (Professor from Northeast Normal University in China)
Professor Hongjuan Shang Dr. Hongjuan Shang (Professor from Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences in China)
Haiyan Zhu Dr. Haiyan Zhu (Professor from the Hunan Agricultural University in China)
Yuan Miao Ms. Yuan Miao (Petrochina Dagang Oil Field Company in China)
Lin JianTao Dr. Lin Jiantao (Professor from Tianjin University in China)
Professor Zhou Haitao Mr. Zhou Haitao (Professor from Beijing Normal University in China)
canwang Ms. Can Wang (Professor from Sichuan University in China)
wuzhijia Mr. Wuzhi Jia (Researcher from the Ministry of Science and Technology in China)
haerheebaeck Ms. Haerhee Baeck (Professor from Seoul Theological University)
zhuqingping Mr. Zhu Qingping (Researcher from the Ministry of Science and Technology in China)