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Professional Training Certificate Programs

AASC has successfully provided and sponsored more than thirty higher level training programs. More than 1500 educators and public administrators as well as business executives from the People's Republic of China received training in the AASC's programs. Besides the lectures and discussions, the programs offer many opportunities to visit government, corporate, organization and academic venues as well as cultural and historical sites in the Houston area.

Asian Public Administration
American Government, Public Administration Law, Human Resources, Finance & Economic, International Trade, Business Administration, Technology Development, Education, Tourism, Cross-Cultural Understanding.

Educational Leadership
Literature of Educational Leadership, History & Philosophy of Higher Education, Educational Administration: Theory & Practice, Behavioral Science for Educational Administration, Curriculum Development, Education in Multicultural Society, Information Technology & Teacher Education, Current Issues in Higher Education, Educational Finance, Personnel Management, Research in Education, Program Evaluation Research.

Asian Business Executive
Finance & Economic, International Trade, International Environment of Business, American Business History, Managing Cultural Diversity, Negotiations & Cross-Cultural Communications, International Management of Technology, International Accounting, Personnel Management, Managing Innovation & Creativity.

Asian Primary & Secondary Schools Administrator
American Educational History, American Educational Philosophy, Language & Culture, Communicative Skills, English Teaching Techniques, Education & Technology.