Economics 7330

Professor Bent Sorensen

Quantitative Economic Analysis (Statistics)

Fall 2022

I do not have set hours, but you can email or approach me any time (except before classes Mon-Wed)

TA: Sebin Nidhiri, website, Email: sbnidhir@CougarNet.UH.EDU

TA hours: 1:30 PM to 4 PM on Thursday and by appointment

TA Sessions: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM on Fridays in the class room.


Online classes: 9/20, TBA

Rescheduled classes: The Monday 10/10 class will be on Zoom Friday 10/14 at 8.30 am. Make-up class Tuesday 11/22 at 4pm on Zoom.

I plan to have two midterms.

Midterm 1: September 26th in the usual class slot.

Midterm 2: October 24th in the usual class slot.

FINAL: December 5th in the usual class slot.

Notes :

For now I plan to follow the book, see details in Syllabus. Clarifying or complementary notes will be posted here.


Assignment           Due

Homework 1          Wed 8/31

Homework 2          Wed 9/7

Homework 3          Wed 9/14

Homework 4          Wed 9/21

Homework 5          Wed 10/5

Homework 6          Mon 10/17

Homework 7          Wed 10/19

Homework 8          Wed 11/2

Homework 9          Wed 11/9

Homework 10          Wed 11/16

Homework 11          Mon 11/28