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Innovators Network at University of Houston

The Innovator’s Network is an initiative started in 2023 to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurial activities within the community. The core focus group consists of faculty and staff across campus. The group meets monthly once every 2 months to discuss new initiatives, and opportunities to foster the ecosystem. The initiative includes monthly speaker sessions, educational seminars, monthly newsletters, and networking opportunities for the community. The group is open to all and you are welcome to join if you are passionate about the initiative and would like to contribute.


Email us at if you would like to partner with us as we tackle disparities in innovation and entrepreneurial activities.

Current members of the network include:

Name of the Member Department
Diana Chow Pharmacological and Pharmaceutic
Shilpa Ghurye Engineering
Stacey Gorniak Health and Human Performance
Preethi Gunaratne Biology
Eva Harth Chemistry
Ramanan Krishnamoorti UH Energy
Xinli Liu Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sci.
Kelly McCormick Wolff Ctr For Entrepreneurship
Liana Gonzalez Wolff Ctr For Entrepreneurship
Rachel Redfern Vision Sciences
Megan Robertson Chemical Engineering
Rashim Singh Pharmacological and Pharmaceutic
Fatima Merchant Engineering Technology
Chrysa Latrick Biology
Jim Briggs Faculty Affairs
Richard Willson Chemical Engineering