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Bill Mannel Chief Technologist, HPC & AI, Americas Solution Sales

Bill manages the High Performance Computing Global Business Unit (GBU) for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His team is responsible for the global P & L for High Performance computing, including the Product Management, Business Management, Performance and Application Engineering, Competitive and Complex Bid Management and Proposal functions.

Bill joined HPE in 2014 and is a seasoned veteran of the servers and high performance computing industry. For Bill’s first five years at HPE, the HPC business grew significantly more than the overall market.

At the Supercomputing 2015 show, Bill was named “Person to Watch in 2016” by HPCWire. Bill joined HPE from SGI, where he was the VP and GM for Compute and Storage products. A couple of years after Bill joined the company, HPE acquired Silicon Graphics International Corp. (SGI), a pure-play HPC company, closing the integration in November, 2017. HPE then in turn acquired Cray Computer in 2019 and has now completed the integration into HPE.

Prior to SGI, Bill worked at NASA and the U.S. Air Force on aircraft programs such X-29, F-16, B-1B, AFTI-111 as well as classified programs. Bill holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science from Duke University and an MBA from San Jose State University, California.