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P3 Market Outreach Event

The University of Houston hosted a P3 Market Outreach Event on August 2, 2022, to present information and gather feedback from developers, industry partners and interested parties in anticipation of a forthcoming procurement process for the development of a 40-Acre Industry Partnership Zone at the University of Houston at Sugar Land instructional site.

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Map displaying designated areas for industry partnership zone.

Industry Partnership Zone

The overall vision for the Industry Partnership Zone is to create a community where academia and industry intersect to create an innovative ecosystem bringing people and ideas together to advance research, technology commercialization, incubation and economic development.

UH is looking for key partners whose work overlaps with the program offerings at UH at Sugar Land to leverage the intellectual capital available in the form of faculty and students. UH at Sugar Land is most focused on advanced manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, and biotechnology, but are open to adjacent sector partners as well. These partnerships would collaborate to offer internships, research collaborations and intellectual property leading to patent development.

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