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Students Meet their Supporters in Annual Nursing Scholarship Events

October 4, 2022

“Being a nurse connects you to your community in a way that illustrates how needed and how valued you are.”

The words from Kathryn Tart, Professor and Founding Dean of the University of Houston College of Nursing, rang true for the nearly 100 nursing students, their families and other supporters who gathered for the UH College of Nursing 2022 Scholarship Banquets. The college held separate events for students at the Sugar Land and Katy instructional sites.

A group of nursing students stand together in red shirts holding their right hangs in a cougar paw sign.

“You do not pursue this work on your own,” she said. “You are held up by people you may not even know, but who support the work of nurses and acknowledge the need for more of them.”

This year 23 donors gifted 107 scholarships to students in programs at UH at Sugar Land and UH at Katy, totaling $218,322 in scholarships:

  • Bajwa Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Roberto J. and Agniela (Annie) M. Bayardo/TMAF Hispanic Nursing Scholarship
  • Ginger Blomstrom Nursing Scholarship
  • Dean’s Fund Scholarship
  • Barbara Dan and Howard Butt Endowed Scholarship
  • Andrew Delaney Foundation Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • John S. Dunn Foundation Scholarship
  • The George Foundation Nursing Scholarship
  • Gessner Family Scholarship
  • Gulf Coast Medical Foundation
  • The Marjorie Akers Hilty Gurasich Endowed Scholarship
  • Hamill Foundation Scholarships
  • Hamman George and Mary Josephine Foundation
  • HCCS Endowed Scholarship in Honor of Dr. Sophie Lin Rydin
  • Nancy Louise McKenna Scholarship
  • Earline Moreland Scholarship
  • Fred and Mabel Parks Foundation Nursing Scholarship
  • Shah Family Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Smith Vivian L Foundation
  • Vivian and R. E. Bob Smith Scholarship
  • Inez German Warren Endowed Scholarship in Nursing
  • David and Kathryn Tart Endowed Scholarship
  • Sherry Luce Memorial Endowed Scholarship

“We are grateful for all of our donors and appreciate their generosity in supporting the College of Nursing and our students,” Tart said.

Scholarships for the College of Nursing support students pursuing studies in these programs:

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