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Drone Insurance

Drones pose a certain amount of risk to the University, which is why all UHS owned drones must be insured for at least liability coverage. Risk Management purchases a policy to cover our drones that are specifically listed on our schedule. If a department purchases a drone (or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - UAV) for business purposes, the department purchasing the drone needs to contact Risk Management to discuss insurance requirements. The purchasing department is responsible for the insurance premium. 

Coverages Available


  • Coverage for claims from third parties that arise out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of scheduled drones

Physical Damage

  • Coverage for damage to drones that are specifically scheduled to include this coverage. A deductible may apply.


UAV Flights On Campus

The University of Houston System is in the process of implementing a System wide UAV SAM policy to address this evolving risk. The UAS Permit Application and all supporting documents should be completed by the requestor a minimum of seven (7) days prior to any proposed UAS operation on any UH System property or at any System or University sponsored event.

A request form must be completed by anyone requesting to fly a drone on campus. For those who are internal, please use the UHS Internal UAS Request form. For those who are vendors or other unaffiliated groups or individuals use the UHS Unaffiliated Request Form. These forms must be completed in their entirety and sent to for review.

For questions regarding flying a drone on campus, other than insurance requirements, contact Lori Percle at  lapercle@Central.UH.EDU