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Blanket Accident-Camps/Activity based programs

Accident insurance can afford a limited amount of Excess Medical insurance for University sponsored activities that are scheduled on the policy. Insurable activities include:

  • Workshops
  • Camps
  • Seminars held on or off campus
  • University sponsored activities which involve students or visitors


The cost to the department will depend on the type, length of the activity, and the number of participants. The coverage is excess over the participant’s private insurance, their parents’ or guardians' insurance, or any other insurance that would apply. 

To Obtain Coverage

Please contact Risk Management for processing. There is no coverage if the activity is not scheduled with Risk Management prior to an incident.

Premium Payment

The premium is allocated to the department requesting the coverage. The amount of premium is based on the exposure insured. An insurance coverage & authorization for premium payment form should be completed and sent to

Claims Reporting

Risk Management should be notified in the event of an accident within 48 hours of the incident. The appropriate claim form will be sent to the department for completion.