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Co-Curricular Learning Online

  • American Sign Language Interpreting (ASLI) Program 

    American Sign Language Interpreting (ASLI) Program 

    ASLI students (Class of 2020) at City Council

  • Deliberation Testbed

    Deliberation Testbed

    Common Ground for Action platform used for The Deliberation Testbed



    ITECH-STEM innovatively teaches computer science and technology topics to K-5 students

  • MIS 3300 Introduction to Computers and Management Information Systems

    MIS 3300 Introduction to Computers and Management Information Systems

    Case Competition student presentations from MIS 3300 with Emese Felvegi

Co-curricular learning online increases access and safety for UH students and community partners. Many CITE grant-funded projects creatively pivoted to online delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This grant to Sharon Hill (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences) will enable up to 150 students in introductory and intermediate American Sign Language (ASL) courses to participate in deaf community events, such as cultural performances. ASL students will develop effective communication strategies for real-world settings and enhance their competency in deaf culture. This program was disrupted in spring 2020 due to COVID-19, but will continue in 2020-2021.
This grant to Ryan Kennedy will create an ongoing, co-curricular program that trains students in the facilitation of meaningful political deliberation. It will establish a new class on deliberative facilitation that further trains students as facilitators in deliberative events and a self-perpetuating student activity oriented around deliberative democratic participation. It will also develop citizenship education as a fundamental part of UH's educational experience.
ITECH-STEM is a summer technology camp program focusing on (STEM + Arts) for students entering the 3rd - 5th grades.  Dr. Bulent Dogan has led this program at UH at Sugarland since 2018; and his team includes Dr. Susie Gronseth, Dr. Sara McNeil, and  Dr. Jie Zhang from College of Education. The CITE grant will support hiring additional pre-service undergraduate education students to ensure a low student-to-camper ratio in ITECH-STEM. UH students will strengthen their pedagogical content knowledge through teaching, increase their cultural awareness, gain experience working with students and improve their communication skills.   
This grant to The Learn, Engage, and Develop Efficiently through Research and Service (LEADERS) program, led by Dr. Bulent Dogan, is created for pre-service education majors and NSM majors interested in elementary education to serve as mentors during an online Saturday morning educational program for elementary and middle school students.
This grant to Emese Felvégi (C. T. Bauer College of Business) will enable up to 250 students to participate in projects supporting the Harris County Department of Education and Houston area school districts through data analysis and content evaluation during calendar year 2020.
This grant to Arlene Ramirez and Scott Taylor will support the New Reality Hospitality Team Challenge. This hackathon aims to produce initiatives for local businesses that can be easily implemented and that will address the effects of the coronavirus on their operations. The initiatives will focus on creative and innovative ways to increase revenues and profitability without, necessarily, requiring a significant capital investment.
A CITE grant to Johanna Luttrell (Instructional Assistant Professor, Hobby School Ethics Center) provides learning abroad scholarships for students with high financial need. These students are participating in international, intensive student-focused seminars on human rights, humanitarian aid, and peacebuilding that are sponsored by the Oxford Consortium for Human Rights. The program moved online in Spring 2021.