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12.02.01 – Data Coordination, Verification and Submission to the Office of Institutional Research (IR)

Section: Academic Affairs

Area: Institutional Research

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Texas uses funding formulas to allocate state appropriations among institutions of higher education. Formula funding constitutes a significant portion of state appropriations to the University of Houston. Much of that revenue is derived from funding driven by semester credit hours. State statutes, General Appropriations Act riders and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's (THECB) rules and regulations govern the funding process. The basis for appropriations is the enrollment information that universities are required to report to THECB .

In order for the University to ensure fulfillment of its mission and achieve strategic goals, data must be used to inform decision-makers and to benchmark progress both internally and in national rankings. Data must be complete and accurate in all areas, including student, student financials, scholarships and financial aid, athletics, faculty, financials, research, facilities, residence halls and other data sources.

This document assigns responsibilities and assists University personnel in maintaining accurate and complete information for reporting to THECB and other regulatory entities, as appropriate, and for internal decision support.


The University must maintain accurate and complete data for management purposes and for reporting to THECB and other regulatory entities.

The Office of Institutional Research (IR) is responsible for reporting information to regulatory and other external agencies, reviewing data reported externally by other offices, and assembling accurate data to support decision-making. IR is also responsible for promulgating guidelines to ensure that all data reported to THECB and other entities is accurate, complete and timely. IR fulfills this responsibility in cooperation with academic and administrative personnel throughout the University.

Offices and staff entering data in the database are responsible for maintaining business processes that ensure completeness and accuracy of data at all times. Each college or entity providing data to external entities will notify IR of the information being requested, and follow IR guidelines for completing it.

Each college will designate an IR data coordinator and notify IR of their designation. The deans/division heads will approve these designations. All IR data coordinators must comply with IR guidelines.

IR will notify deans, division heads and the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost of any instances of non-compliance with IR guidelines.


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Issued: 11/08/2001
Last Reviewed/Revised: 04/06/2023
Responsible Office(s): Institutional Research