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04.01.11 – Procurement Card

Section: Procurement

Area: Procurement - General

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The State of Texas contracts with a bank to issue procurement cards (P-Cards) to state agencies and universities that wish to use them. The University of Houston uses P-Cards, which are billed to the university, to increase the efficiency of the procurement process and reduce out-of-pocket reimbursements for purchases that do not require a purchase order or contract.

This document assigns responsibilities and assists university personnel in the appropriate use and administration of P-Cards.


A. Accounts Payable is responsible for providing training and guidelines to cardholders and administrators for the appropriate use and administration of P-Cards. Accounts Payable also serves as the intermediary between the bank and cardholders/administrators by issuing/canceling P-Cards, reporting disputed charges to the bank on the cardholder's behalf, and processing payments to the bank.

B. College/Division Administrators (CDAs) are responsible for overseeing the use and administration of P-Cards within their college/division. Though College/Division Administrators may delegate certain administrative tasks to others within their college/division, known as Business Contacts, the CDAs are responsible for ensuring that all tasks are completed accurately and timely.

C. All College/Division Administrators, Business Contacts, and cardholders must comply with the P-Card guidelines issued by Accounts Payable, which are located on the UH Finance web site .

D. Accounts Payable will notify the College/Division Administrator of any known or suspected instances of non-compliance with these guidelines. Depending on the number and severity of the non-compliance, Accounts Payable might inactivate or cancel a
P-Card, and the cardholder might be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and criminal charges.


P-Card Guidelines:


Issued: 09/15/2004
Last Reviewed/Revised: 11/11/2021
Responsible Office(s): Finance