M-OSRP Holds Annual Technical Review

Two-Day Meeting for Sponsors Featured Technical Presentations

The Mission-Oriented Seismic Research Program (M-OSRP) held its 2017 Annual Technical Review for sponsors in May at the University of Houston.

M-OSRP is a UH-based research program and petroleum industry consortium addressing high-priority seismic exploration and production problems whose solutions will have significant positive impact on the ability to locate and produce hydrocarbons. Arthur Weglein, Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair in the University of Houston’s Department of Physics, is the director of M-OSRP.

The meeting covered progress, deliverables and plans for the major seismic exploration research projects within the program. In addition, two invited presentations were given. Professor Mark Meier, UH physics department, spoke on his new low-frequency acquisition consortium, and Dr. Niels Grobbe, MIT’s Earth Resources Laboratory and Department of Mathematics, covered a new model and opportunity with poro-elastic seismology.

At the meeting, M-OSRP introduced a new business technical opportunity for sponsor companies and non-sponsors.

The new initiative allows M-OSRP to work with a company to model an area and play where the company faces a daunting and significant seismic challenge. M-OSRP’s proprietary seismic processing capability is applied and compared with top-of-the-line industry methods.

This opportunity is also available to companies who are not sponsors. Non-sponsors receive only the processing results, not the M-OSRP proprietary software that produced the results. Experienced M-OSRP post-doctoral research scientists are involved in this activity. Sponsors and non-sponsors have a different fee schedule, with a somewhat higher fee schedule for non-sponsors.

This initiative is part of the M-OSRP strategy. M-OSRP’s objective is to address immediate issues where its differential capability can make a positive difference and to develop the next generation of tool box options to address current issues and prioritized challenges.

Meeting Presentation Videos