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Joint Faculty

Faculty Name Home Department
Bao, Jimming Electrical & Computer Engineering
Brankovic, Stanko Electrical & Computer Engineering
Briggs, James M. Biology & Biochemistry
Fu, Qi Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Cheung, Margaret Physics
Cuny, Greg Pharmacy
Gao, Xiaolian Biology & Biochemistry
Grabow, Lars C. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Gustafsson, Jan-Ake Biology & Biochemistry
Krishnamoorti, Ramanan Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Litvinov, Dmitri Electrical & Computer Engineering
Rimer, Jeffery D. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Robertson, Megan Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Shih, Wei-Chuan Electrical & Computer Engineering
Tu, Shiao-Chun (David) Biology & Biochemistry
Vekilov, Peter Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering