Mission - University of Houston
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  • We develop professionals in the arts with a focus on creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and craftsmanship. Our award-winning faculty value diversity, equity, and inclusivity as well as holding high expectations for artistic and scholarly excellence. 

    Within the vibrant Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts and the powerhouse University of Houston, we are a high-energy program looking to expand appreciation of the arts in our city and beyond. Our multicultural institution promotes a strong work ethic and encourages students to explore beyond their current understanding of what it means to be a performing artist. 



    As the largest performing arts program in Houston, our curriculum facilitates students’ understanding of the foundations of theatre practice, theory, and technique. Classroom work provides context to discuss and improve theatre in their chosen specialization. In addition to our world-class faculty, students get to work with a various array of high-profile guest directors, choreographers, playwrights, and other outstanding artists and scholars. 


    To apply and create theatre built upon schoolwork. With numerous production opportunities, this challenges students outside the classroom, and serves as a laboratory environment for exploration, problem solving, and creative expression. Our goal is to prepare all students to be creative leaders on stage, on screen, in arts education, behind the scenes—and most importantly in their communities. 


    To connect students with professionals in their field and build a network of contacts. Faculty and staff in our school build personal relationships with students and provide guidance to prepare them for the job market. Our many successful alumni can be found working in all areas of the arts and entertainment field across the nation. 

Portrait of Dominique Meyer, Class '22, by Desert in Bloom Photography

Banner photography by Felipe Harker & Emmelia Ward