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Art Minors

The School of Art offers minors in:

Art History for studio art and art majors

Art History for other majors

Studio Arts

• Art Education

Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Interdisciplinary Arts

The Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts offers a minor in Interdisciplinary Arts that is part of the College's Interdisciplinary Initiatives program. The minor provides students the opportunity to work across and between disciplines, exploring individual and collaborative modes of inquiry. The program encourages community engagement and a broad dialogue between systems of knowledge. Interdisciplinary Arts courses address complex contemporary questions, are experimental and experiential, and are taught by full-time faculty as well as renowned visiting artists.

To Declare a Minor

  1. Must have at least a 2.00 cumulative UH GPA. Students with no UH coursework must wait until GPA is established.
  2. A major must be declared in PeopleSoft (e.g. NO Pre-Bus, Pre-Pharm, etc). Students with Art BA, or any BFA major in the School of Art are not eligible to declare the Studio Arts minor.
  3. Call 713-743-3001 to schedule an appointment to declare a minor.

Important note for Studio Arts minors: priority for enrollment in ART courses is given to current majors in the School of Art. ART courses will open to current Studio Arts minors depending upon availability. The date that most of the ART courses open to Studio Arts minors varies each semester and will be announced via email to all current Studio Arts minors. Summer ART classes, unless otherwise stated in the class schedule, are open to all students when summer registration begins.