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Master of Arts in Art History Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with an overall 3.0 (B) average on the last 60 hours of course credit.

Though an undergraduate degree in art history is not required, consideration is given to the number and variety of undergraduate courses in art history taken, as well as experience with humanities research and writing. An understanding of the discipline of art history and preparation for graduate study are essential.

Foreign Language

Some areas of specialization at the graduate level require reading scholarly literature in at least one foreign language from the very beginning. Therefore, while some students may be able to brush up on languages while pursing graduate study, others may need to take a course the summer before entering the graduate program. Consult with the Graduate Advisor or an art history faculty member to determine if this applies to you.

Application Procedures

Please note: Applicants to the MA program must complete two separate and equally important applications.

The University of Houston Graduate School and the Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts require separate applications. Both applications must be complete for successful application to the MA program.


Transcripts: Refer to the University of Houston Graduate School application for instructions.

Letters of recommendation are gathered electronically. You will be asked to provide e-mail addresses for 3 people to serve as your references. At least one of these should be familiar with your work in Art History. They will be contacted electronically by the university for the recommendation.

Statement of purpose stating academic interests within the field of art history and career goals. Upload this as a PDF.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae with academic and work experience. If applicable, include reading and/or speaking proficiency level in one or more foreign languages. Upload as a PDF.

A scholarly writing sample of academic writing demonstrating research abilities. Upload as a PDF.


The priority deadline for U.S. residents and international applicants is January 15. Applications may be considered after this date, but they will not receive the priority that earlier applications do.

All applications are accepted to begin in the fall semester only.

Additional Application Procedures for International Students

Applicants who are not citizens of the United States are considered international students by the University, regardless of residency or immigration status.