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Scholarships and Awards in the School of Art are available at the Bachelors and Masters levels to help students take advantage of the many opportunities of studying at a Tier One Research University. Merit-based and need-based funding enhance UH’s affordable tuition rates, making the School of Art an excellent value compared to peer institutions.  

Students enrolled in School of Art graduate programs receive priority consideration for generous scholarship funds. Students enrolled in undergraduate discipline-specific BFA programs are automatically considered for scholarship funds. 

To be eligible for a School of Art scholarship, students must meet and maintain the following general criteria:

  • Hours required to receive/maintain scholarship:

    • Studio Undergraduates: 9 hours for students in upper level studio blocks
    • Art History Undergraduates: 12 hours
    • Studio & Art History Graduates: 9 hours

    Semester GPA required to receive/maintain scholarship:

    • Studio Undergraduate: 2.5 GPA
    • Art History Undergraduate: 3.0 cumulative GPA & 3.5 GPA Art History
    • Studio & Art History Graduates: 3.0 GPA
  • Other Criteria:

    • Recipient must be a declared art or art history major at the University of Houston, and must be making appropriate progress toward a degree in art or art history.
    • Studio recipients must exhibit exceptional skills in artistic merit as determined by the School of Art Scholarship Committee.
    • Scholarship recipient must be a full-time student in good standing at the University of Houston.
    • Scholarship recipient may accept other scholarships and grants in conjunction with an art scholarship.

Funds for School of Art scholarships may be awarded from the following generously donated endowments:

  • Frank L. Berry, Jr. Endowment in the School of Art
    Sarah Campbell Blaffer Scholarship Endowment
    George R. Bunker Graduate Fellowship in Fine Arts
    George R. Bunker Scholarship in Art
    La Ruth Blain Scholarship Endowment in the School of Art
    Thomas Flaxman Endowed Art Scholarship Fund
    General Scholarships
    Peter W. Guenther Art History Scholarship Endowment Fund
    Val Link Endowded Scholarship
    Nancy Luton Scholarship Endowment for Innovation in Printmaking

  • La Verne McClellan Endowment Fund in Fine Arts
    Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts Fellowship
    Sarah C. Morian Endowment
    Judith Kathleen Morris Memorial Endowment
    Dana K. Padgett Excellence in Art Graduate Scholarship Endowment
    Gary Choate Memorial and Marc L. Palmer Endowment
    Carey C. Shuart Presidential Endowed Fellowship
    Laura Eliska Swails Fine Arts Scholarship Endowment
    Robin L. Tooms Endowment for Excellence in Graphic Design
    Joan Hohlt and Roger Wich Scholarship Endowment in Art
    Hohlt-Wich Scholarship

Kathrine G. McGovern College of the Arts Scholarship
The Dean’s Artistic Excellence Scholarship is an annual scholarship in the amount of $4000, granted to students who demonstrate artistic excellence in the performing and visual arts and who are accepted to one of the programs in the McGovern College of the Arts at the University of Houston.

Eligibility criteria and a link to the scholarship application can be found on the College admissions page.


Graduate Fellowships for MFA Students
MFA students receive Graduate Tuition Fellowships from the UH Graduate School. These Fellowships offer considerable tuition remission packages for our students. 


School of Art Funds
Travel Funds are competitive awards that support the travel of our graduate and undergraduate students. Faculty evaluate applications based on how the travel will facilitate essential thesis research, develop new or ongoing projects, or take advantage of special opportunities that will enhance students’ work.

Project-Based Funds are competitive awards for specific student-initiated projects. These are intended to help artists, art historians or designers bring a new project from idea to reality, by enabling students to enlarge, broaden or expand on an already existing project and foster collaboration between Art History and Studio students in the School of Art.