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John Reed
Program Coordinator

Office: Fine Arts, 312C

The Interdisciplinary Practices and Emerging Forms (IPEF) Program was created to support artists whose practice is between or beyond traditional media. Our operating premise is to embrace new methods, venues, technologies, strategies, and activities in art that cross boundaries and question the conventions of what art is. As such, we encourage non-traditional applicants, whether they have worked or studied in other fields, or are interested in pursuing hybrid or cross-disciplinary research. We are interested in individuals who prioritize project-based research and incorporate a wide range of methods, tools, and materials to achieve their desired outcomes.

MFA in Interdisciplinary Practices and Emerging Forms

The MFA program in Interdisciplinary Practices and Emerging Forms (IPEF) is an Open Laboratory created for creative research, promoting experimentation in the widest range of cultural production. Recognizing that the influence of ubiquitous information, geopolitics, and technology has profoundly changed the ways in which we understand and engage the world, contemporary practice has expanded to respond to those influences with new languages, tools, and hybrid forms. Our graduates work collaboratively and individually in an intensive, critical environment. Students are encouraged to explore and combine systems of knowledge, to challenge conventions of production and presentation, to identify new fields of investigation as well as new media, and to embrace experimentation as an operating premise.  
Studio classes include focused workshops in community intervention, art/eco activism, place-making, soundart, and site-practice, among other topics. Seminars support the refinement of critical and contextual awareness – essential tools in the development of both art and artist.  
Admission to IPEF is based primarily on portfolio and statement of purpose. We encourage not only candidates holding degrees in new media or emerging fields, but also candidates from diverse backgrounds and disciplines who are motivated, enthusiastic, experimenters involved in original research. 

Student Work



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Image Credit, Top: Robert Legans-Johnson; Bottom: Sydney Parks.