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Risk Taking and Discovery

The School of Art leadership is actively working within the McGovern College of the Arts on meaningful anti-racism action. See communications from Dean Andrew Davis and specific anti-racism actions.

Art and design are never products of the assimilation of a body of knowledge, but rather the result of risk-taking within a field of discovery. We prepare young artists and designers by providing them with a supportive environment in which challenges are presented and then met with technical, conceptual and contextual tools. Our programs are designed to encourage curiosity, and we work with our students to capitalize on their commitment, and to realize their potential.

Our academic environment provides exposure to many cultural “languages” while also encouraging the uniqueness of speech. To create a dynamic and enriching environment, we maintain both an institutional agility—an ability to respond appropriately and meaningfully to change—and a clear sense of the primacy of each student.

In the School of Art, we provide each student with expertise in a particular discipline, coupled with the possibility of exploring and combining multiple disciplines. Each student's degree program develops and expands based on individual needs and interests. We have that flexibility because while our programs are atelier in structure, our numbers (over 700 majors) and our home at the University of Houston, give us access to the vast resources of a Tier One research institution.

It is the best of both worlds, and it is available to each and every one of our students.