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Recommended IT Practices

Choosing a Computer

For computers that will be owned by the University, computer hardware should:

For information on UH's Volume Purchase Agreements for computers, use the links on the UH Purchasing website.

When selecting the type of computing system that will be best for you, consider your budget, the applications you want to run, and the type of work you want to do. Your selection will depend on your personal needs; some people need to keep up with or ahead of computing trends, while others computing needs remain more stable and consistent. Only you can determine these factors; therefore, this information should be a starting point when considering which system to purchase.

Hardware and software options are often grouped together and sold with the system. These options, such as sound cards, speakers, and even printers, vary from vendor to vendor and might make a particular system the best value for your needs. Contact hardware vendors for more information about what options are included with a particular system.

When shopping for a system, it is also important to ask if the processor can be upgraded and if there are spare slots for additional RAM (memory). These options will make upgrading the system more cost-effective.