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To use the UIT Backup Service, your computer must be connected to the network, have adequate disk space for installation, and be running an operating system supported by the TSM software. To use the service you must also have a registered account (nodename) and password obtained from the backup service group.

At present there is no quota system for data storage; however, we may limit or deny usage of any backup client that significantly degrades the performance or resources of the service.

The software package consists of the Backup program, Scheduler, Daemon, two preferences files and the help library. Some versions also include a command line interface (an option for Windows and UNIX clients only).

The Backup program is a GUI that allows a user to backup, restore or archive data manually. A user may also view the current backup date for any drive and the backup and archive retention policies for their data. The Scheduler and Daemon are designed to work together to run an unattended backup.

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