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Spam Flagging

Email Affected by Spam Flagging

All incoming email for all faculty, staff, and students with an '' address will be scanned, and all email whose total score is equal to or greater than the threshold value will be flagged as spam.

This means that all email sent to the following mail servers will receive the spam flagging service:

Email sent from and to the same email server will not be flagged, but email sent from an email address such as to an email alias such as leaves the IT mail servers and re-enters through the IT Post Office addressing station where the alias is translated to an email address before returning to the or address. In that case, the message would be scanned.

Process Description

Spam scanning software scans each incoming message sent to the IT mail servers, applies an extensive set of tests to identify whether the message is likely to be spam, and totals the number of common spam characteristics identified by the tests to create a total score for the message. It then compares the total score of the message to the current threshold set on the spam flagging software, and flags the message as spam if the total score of the message is equal to or greater than the threshold value.