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Updating a Faculty or Staff Email Address

In accordance with UH System policy SAM 07.A.07, Use of Electronic Messaging Services By Employees, the email alias destination address for all employees must be a university account.


  1. Log into AccessUH
  2. Select PASS
  3. Select "My Personal Info"
  4. Select "Contact Details" on the menu to the left
  5. Under "Email"
  6. If type "Destination" is listed double click on the field
    1. Update "Email Address"
    2. Cilck "Save"
  7. If type "Destination" is NOT listed click the plus sign
    1. In "Email Type" drop down the Choose "Destination"  
    2. Update "Email Address"
    3. Click "Save"
**Note** Changes will reflect within 24 hours.