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Email Aliases

As a means of enhancing communication, members of the UH community receive a UH email alias and a UH email account. The email alias is a pointer that directs email messages to a destination email account. UH uses email aliases to send important information such as emergency closings or information from colleges or departments.


Naming Convention for Email Aliases

UH-style email addresses are created automatically according to the name obtained from UH's official employee or student records. The standard naming convention is:

first-initial +
first-initial + middle-initial +

If an alias is already in use, it will be necessary to add a number to the end of the last name to make it unique. Examples of this naming convention are,, and

Email for Life

Graduates of the University of Houston are able to keep their email alias forever and can maintain their email destination via myUH. 

How to Check and Update Destinations for UH Email Aliases:

Name Changes

Sometimes names change. Email addresses can be updated, if necessary, to reflect name changes. To request a change, complete the Rename Request Form. Names must be changed in the official University records before the email addresses can be updated.