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Official UH Email Requirements

Any official email sent from the University of Houston to a large internal audience, such as faculty, staff and students, should follow these requirements.  If you have any question about whether or not an email is legitimate, forward the message to

Formatting Requirements

  • Header
    • Must use marketing approved College/Division/Department logo, if available (located on the UH Marketing & Communication website) at the top of the email message.  If a logo is not available, the official University of Houston logo, available on the same website, must be used.
    • If the message will be in text only format, the following text must be at the top of the message in place of a logo:

University of Houston
College/Division/Department name

  • Email Signature must conform to the UH Graphic Elements for Email Signature and also meet the following requirements:

    • Phone Number must be a UH extension (a UH departmental phone number is acceptable)
    • Email address must be a UH address (a UH departmental email address is acceptable)
  • Footer - must direct the recipient how to verify the validity of the message.

This is an official message sent by (College/Division/Department name).  To verify the validity of this message, you may visit the (College/Division/Department name) website at (Link) or contact (College/Division/Department name) at (Phone Number) or via email at (Email Address).

Content Requirements

  • Use correct grammar, punctuation and capitalization.
  • Do not ask the recipient to provide personal information by email.
  • Do not ask the recipient to provide their username and password.
  • Do not use all capitalized letters in the subject line.
  • Do not request recipients act in an urgent manner.  Give them plenty of time to take action.
  • Do not include hyperlinks to web pages that require an individual to login.  Instead direct them to the login location.  For example:

Please login to your myUH or PASS account through AccessUH to update your information.

  • Do not include attachments.  Instead, post the attachment on your official UH website and direct the individual there without including a hyperlink.  For example:

To view the flyer for this event, visit the website in your web browser.